Booster PAC Drives the Business


“We are Dynamic Auto Sales, a new auto dealership starting with a modest fleet of only 5 vehicles. The goal is to grow that fleet – but, since we are just starting, there are limited funds to purchase more cars. Our story changed as soon as I purchased the ES5000 Booster PAC

The intention was to jump one of our fleet cars, but it worked so fast and well, and is SO EASILY transported, that we decided to go help home owners with abandoned cars on their property. Many of them have had a vehicle for years, just taking up room on their properties and they want them gone. Most of these cars run fine – they were abandoned after the battery died!

Thanks to our Booster PAC, our fleet has doubled without paying a dime for additional vehicles. Thanks to you, we will hit our goal for growth and most likely surpass it. Thank you!”

Dynamic Auto Sales
Portland, OR

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