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Diagnosing Common Electrical System Issues


Electrical-IssuesIn this article, the fifth in a series identifying resources related to specific vehicle electrical applications, we have pulled together a number of reference articles related to overcoming difficult-to-diagnose electrical system issues. This article is a follow-up of sorts to the first article in this series, which we posted about a year ago.

Gary Goms, author and contributor at AutoCarePro News, is someone who we turn to often for in-depth analysis of automotive diagnostics. In this article, Gary provides a detailed review of starters, their construction, common failure modes and their interaction with the rest of the vehicle electrical system, such as the battery and vehicle charging system.

Dave Hobbs knows his way around vehicle electrical systems and has been a contributor to many trade publications and web sites, including Scope It Out, the Diagnostic Newsblog powered by AVI. In his most recent article, Dave delves further into parasitic drains, including a list of suspects for which electrical components of the vehicle are the most likely culprits causing these drains.

In his technical video series on, The Trainer, Peter Meier has many useful how-to videos related to diagnostic troubleshooting and this one is no exception. In this new video, Peter reviews three different methods for identifying the source of troublesome key-off parasitic drains on vehicle batteries.

We suggest keeping these handy reference articles/videos bookmarked for future reference. You may want to consider following these three contributors for up-to-date tips and troubleshooting techniques. It may come in handy when the next vehicle with mystery electrical problems pulls into your shop.



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