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Freezing Temps No Match for Jump-N-Carry


“I live in northern Minnesota and drive a 2008 TrailBlazer. The battery I had in the SUV was a year old. It was a cold winter night, January 30, 2019, -40˚ below zero. I was at work, working a 12 hour shift and went out to start my SUV. Nothing. Not a click not a moan, nothing.

Had a co-worker with a Jump-N-Carry. We checked to make sure battery wasn’t frozen. Good thing it wasn’t. We hooked up his JNC, three cranks and it was running. I now own one! Everyone should! I AM A TRUE BELIEVER.

He owns a JNC660. I now have a JNC770. Thank you for such a great product.”

Solway, MN

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