Heads and Tails Better Than Any I’ve Used!


I farm, and the batteries in the seasonal equipment are typically drained after sitting idle for months. Sometimes the equipment is stored in remote areas without electricity, so using a battery charger isn’t an option and getting close enough to use jumper cables would be difficult if not impossible. With the JNC660 I can easily carry the pack to the equipment, and the pack’s long leads make it easy for me to attach them to the appropriate terminal or ground. The JNC is compact enough to keep in the truck all the time but powerful enough to get the job done. Last winter, I used it to jump start a combine, tractors, a truck and one van all within the same day without having to stop and recharge. I couldn’t believe it, it just kept going and going. I’ve owned other packs in the past and this one is heads and tails better than any I’ve ever used. Its power still amazes me and several of my friends have bought one after seeing what mine would do.

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