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Jaguar is No Match for the JNC1224


“My wife bought a 2015 F-Series Jaguar, a pretty 2-seater. The problem is, if you don’t drive it enough, the battery goes dead. Once it goes dead, it takes a jump starter of distinction to start it.

I have a friend who is a mechanic and he had one of your jump starters. It was the only thing that would jump start it. He kept urging us to get one – not until he was out of town and we needed to get it started. We called a tow operator and he couldn’t start it. We finally did, using the JNC1224.

When the battery goes dead on the Jag, as soon as I hook it up, Vroom! No long sitting and waiting. Later, my truck battery went dead. I got this! We love it. Best investment for our vehicles.”

Summerville, SC

Clore Story


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