JNC660 Helps with the Bees!


“Six years ago I decided to start my hobby, beekeeping. Bees need to be given medicine like some of us. Theirs is a treatment using Oxalic Acid Vaporization. The tool to deliver it is basically an aluminum block with a glo-plug in it. It also runs on 12 Volt power.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a 120 Volt unit and more on an extension cord, I use my 12 Volt unit and power it with my JNC660. I just make sure it is charged fully and it will run up to 12 treatments that take about 4 minutes each. So far I haven’t heard of anyone else using a jumper in this manner.

PLUS, it also jump starts my cars and trucks if I need it to!”

Claremore, PA

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