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“I knew the JNC660 was a good jump pack from experience – my previous shop had one. They bought it after their other jump pack died… about three months after they bought it. I came to work for my current shop about 2 years ago and quickly tired of lugging a battery and jumper cables out to dead cars.

The shop had just started when I came and the owner was working hard to get his fledgling business off the ground. I figured, since the battery and cables seemed to bug me the most, I might as well buy the jump pack. I got my JNC660 off a tool truck and several hours later it was needed to jump start a dead car (Always nice to need a tool you just bought.) It seems like at least once a day someone will need to borrow my jump pack. Over the last year, it’s jumped hundreds of cars and trucks (including the occasional dead Cummins Ram or Powerstroke), tested relays and helped save memory settings. JNC660

A couple weeks ago our new guy came and grabbed the jump pack for a “no-start” Buick. Business as usual. A couple minutes later I hear a car rolling down the hill towards the shop and then hear a dragging noise as my JNC660 gets bounced off its perch under the hood and its cables hold on to the battery terminals for dear life while it skitters along in front of the tires. About the time the car gets even with my bay, the tire catches the edge of the jump box and ‘bump bump’ both tires go right over the jump box while my boss and I look on. (You’d really think I was making this up, but I promise you, it’s true. Like watching a slow motion movie.) My boss mumbles something about me probably needing a new jump box and I walk outside to survey the damage. The JNC had some deep scuffs and scratches and a tweaked clamp or two. The new guy came over, visibly upset with himself, and apologized. ‘I’ll get you a new one,’ he said. I knew he had a family and their money was sometimes stretched thin, thinner than my wife and myself with no kids. I looked at the jump box and said, ‘Look, it’s not leaking acid, the gauge works, and the lights light up; give it a day or two and see if it still works. As long as it works, that’s what matters. Looks don’t pay the bills.’ Three weeks later and the JNC still works as good as the day I bought it. As a matter of fact, it jumped another stone-dead GM today, with somewhat less traumatic results. The scratches and gouges give it character… doesn’t look like my jump box will be leaving me anytime soon.

I really have to hand it to you guys, I had no idea these things would take such a beating!!!”

Lynchburg, VA

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