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Rooting Out a Stall


This is a great example of just how tricky it can be to resolve an intermittent electrical system issue. Robert from New York submitted this great case study, which illustrates many of the concepts we have seen emphasized by the experts since we started this blog: having a clear diagnostic game plan, following each problem back to its source and not forgetting about checking for good grounds/ruling out potential shorts. What’s really great about this story is it concerns a vintage car (1969 Nova), proving that these concepts are critical whether the vehicle is an electronically advanced late model or a fairly basic 1960s muscle car.   To see the original post at, click on the above screen shot or click here. To access complete forum posts or participate in the discussion requires a membership to the site. There are several membership options available, about which you can learn more here.  About Diagnostic Network Diagnostic Network is an online community of industry professionals and leading industry stakeholders coming together to create the resource to support technicians of today and tomorrow. With your help, we are building a wide, bi-directional communication path between top level diagnosticians and the leading providers of tools, equipment, knowledge, service information, OEMs, and education solutions in order to provide a deeper understanding of the needs and wants of the top level diagnosticians. We hope to inspire the rest of the industry in order to reduce the ever-increasing skills gap. Learn more at

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