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Saving Memory Saves Money


In the past, without a memory saver, factory radios would become theft locked. Most customers do not remember their unlock code, so this resulted in a trip to the dealer and an $85.00 per vehicle expense. With the ESA30 memory saver connector, the radio and all “keep alive” circuits remain on line while performing battery changes. It takes a lot of new battery sales to cover the cost of reprogramming radios. The memory saver is rugged and durable and easy to use. You just plug it into the OBDII port and off you go.

It also works great if you are trying to find a parasitic drain and you are hooking up an ammeter, as the modules will go off line if the battery is disconnected. With the memory saver in line at the OBDII, you can rest assured the modules will not time out (go to sleep) during parasitic testing.

Arnold Boggs

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