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The Jump Starter Guy’s Secret Weapon


huyett_pictureI invested in the JNC660 primarily as a backup for my 16 year old vehicle, because I had twice wound up stranded, having to call AAA. Before a road trip, I decided to invest in a jump starter so that my friends wouldn’t wind up stranded with me. I’m a big fan of “buy it for life” so I went with the JNC660. I am so glad I did because it’s worked perfectly for me.

I’m a college student, and among my friends I’ve become known as the go to guy for a jumpstart. Now, this was even before I bought the JNC660. As you can imagine, sometimes getting my vehicle close enough to jump start a friend’s car was difficult to impossible, and occasionally involved pushing the car against a grade to get to a suitable position for a jump.

Now, my life as “The Jump Start Guy” is that much easier because I just have to bring my JNC660. Also, I’ve even used it to help out strangers! One notable story is about when a girl’s car wouldn’t start in front of my dorm building. I happened to have my jump starter inside charging, so I told her to give me 30 seconds to get it. Within a couple of minutes, she was on her way!

Joe Huyett
Hoboken, NJ






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