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A Jump Starter for the Power Hungry


Don’t think that a handheld jump starter is powerful enough for your needs? Maybe you need to jump a cabin cruiser or a bulldozer? We’ve got the jump starter for you. The Jump-N-Carry JNC950 is a 12-Volt dedicated heavy-duty jump starter that delivers 2000 Peak Amps and 950 Cranking Amps of jump starting power. This unit satisfies even the most aggressive power demands, such as those commonly found in diesel shops, fleet maintenance, industrial and marine applications, and more.

The JNC950 features a high capacity Clore PROFORMER battery specifically designed for vehicle jump starting and has the ability to spin the starter on most class 1-6 commercial trucks.  It has the power to tackle a wide variety of automotive, industrial, heavy-duty and marine equipment.  Its extra heavy-duty case withstands even the toughest work environments and its Industrial Grade Hot Jaw™ clamps easily penetrate corroded battery terminals to transfer maximum power to the vehicle.

The JNC950 comes equipped with 46” #2 AWG cable leads that remain flexible in extreme temperatures and allow ideal positioning while jump starting.  Its onboard automatic charger can provide up to a 24 Hour/365 Day continuous charge and allows the unit to remain plugged in without risking damage to its battery.

The power pack for the power hungry… JNC950 from Jump-N-Carry. 

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