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Accord is No Match for the JNC950

Gary 2022-12-V2

“Received a call for a jump start on a 2014 Honda Accord. As I pulled up to the address, I found a bunch of guys there and they had jumper cables attached from one car to the Accord. I could see what was going on.

I assumed I would not be needed, as I asked who was the owner of the Honda. The gentleman stated ‘it’s me, and we have been working on getting my vehicle started.’ I asked about the jumper cables being attached from one vehicle to the Honda and the owner stated they had been trying to jump start for approximately three hours, but they still were not able to get the Honda started.

I asked them to disconnect the jumper cables and I would use my JNC950 Jump-N-Carry to start the customers vehicle. Several of the citizens that were there trying to use the jumper cables stated that if the jumper cables did not work, there was no way my JNC950 would work.

So, I asked them to gather around the Honda and watch my jump starter start the vehicle. I connected my JNC950 to the Honda and showed them the gauge of my jumper to show them it was fully charged. I told the customer to start the Honda. As the Honda sprang to life, all those non-believers looked shocked and amazed that there was so much power in my JNC950.

As they all looked over my jump starter, they all stated they would have to investigate this amazing jump box. My customer was so happy he gave me a great review and a tip.”

G & M Emergency Roadside Assistance
Galesburg, MI

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  1. Thanks for publishing my encounter with the jumper cables, and now for the rest of the story, I did not have the heart to tell those guys that their jumper cables they were using were grounded on an aluminum A/c line so they were never going to put a charge in that battery grounded to Aluminum. Thanks Gary G&M

    1. Gary – Thanks for adding to the story. Sounds like you got there just in time. At least they weren’t connected to the fuel line. Thanks again for sharing your story. Jim from Clore Automotive

  2. I have 2 jnc950 and love them , I’m a dealership technician for jeep and use them everyday. I start mostly 3.6 engines but 5.7 hemi engines are no problem. 6.7 Cummings will start depending on temperature and battery state . The only drawbacks there internal batteries don’t last long , had to replace 1 at a year and a half and the other at 1 year. Thay also weigh a lot.

    1. David – Thanks for your comment. We appreciate your business and are glad that your JNC950s are performing well for you. Yes, they can be a bit heavy, due to the size of the battery. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

  3. Excellent! I have had similar results in my personal travel vehicles which are often in Duluth, Minnesota with -40F. Doesn’t matter how cold it is, Clore jumpstarters work!

    1. Dave – Thanks for adding to the discussion. We are glad that you have had a great experience with the product. We know it gets frigid up there. It’s exactly the type of place where a good jump starter is a necessity. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

  4. I found, if the battery has a dead cell, jump starting doesn’t work. The dead cell shorts the circuitry
    in the battery and the jump voltage never makes it across the cells.
    The best way I found for jump starting, is to do a load test first, if that comes back negative no use in trying to jump start. Just go get a new battery and save the frustrations.

    1. Rich – Thanks for adding to the discussion. For sure, a shorted cell will take all of the energy of the jump starter, leaving very little energy to help start the vehicle. We agree that, if there’s a shorted cell, it is best to immediately replace that battery. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

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