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We’re changing it up a little this month. So many of our past resource articles reference the use of a scope as a critical tool used as part of the diagnostic process. In addition, many of our feature articles are similar in that the topic under discussion is often best resolved or illustrated through the use of a scope. For instance, effectively and efficiently tracking down an excessive parasitic drain to its root source often involves the use of a scope. For many, getting into scope usage can be daunting, with fears that the learning curve is too steep. If you are among those that are in this situation, here’s a new video from earlier this month by Pete Meier on which he has titled “Introduction to Scopes.”

In this very informative video, Pete walks through the basics of scope usage to help those that are new to scope usage become both familiar with the tool and confident in the use of it. Pete also runs through a few of the scope options currently available to technicians, highlighting some of the features to watch out for and consider.

This is a great resource for the many technicians out there looking to improve their diagnostic game.

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