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JNC1224 Keeps Heavy-Duty Moving

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“The JNC1224 is the go-to standard here at HOLT Cat – Caterpillar’s Authorized dealership serving 118 counties in South, Central, North and East Texas for the last 90 years. Anytime we need to jump start any of our machinery, from a large 992 Wheel Loader to one of our smallest machines, the JNC1224 is always ready to do the job. 

We have 30 locations and growing, not including our Texas First Rental locations, Holt Truck Centers, Holt Crane and many other Holt-owned business. We have always come to rely on Clore Automotive jump starters to get us started and up and moving. Regardless the time of day or inclement weather these jump packs have always come thru for us when needed. 

I have used other brands of jump starters before, and nothing has come remotely close to what Clore’s jump starters have to offer when it comes to reliability, power and ease of use, time and time again. Besides this being our second JNC, we also own two PL3750 Pro-Logix Wheel Chargers that get used daily, have been in service 10 and 13 years respectively, they have come thru consistently for our Austin location and this is just from our Shop Services Dept. and doesn’t include our Yard, Transportation and Parts Depts. They also utilize Clore products. We also owned a ES1224 before the JNC and countless booster cables I’ve purchased for our field service technicians to use throughout the years. 

Repairs and parts are readily available and simple to understand when it comes to having to do a fix on your unit because it was broken by accident, or you can contact their technical service team, who is always ready to help with any question you may have. Clore Automotive has been the choice time and time again for me. Thank You.”

Austin, TX

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  1. when I started my Roadside rescue business 9 years ago I had JC660 after a while I switched to JC 770R that pack is unstoppable with great features, then I added my first JC1224 unbelievable expanding my business into heavy duty trucks and motor homes, I just ordered another JC770R and JC1224 as a backup. thanks to these packs my jump start
    completed jobs volume this winter drastically up. BEST PRODUCTS EVER. ????

    1. Magnus – Thanks for your comments. We are really glad the JNC units have performed so well for you. That’s our expectation, but we love hearing it from professionals such as yourself. The field is where performance counts. Great to hear that business is up. We are thilled to be a small part of that. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

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