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Powersports Heavy Hitter


“We run a powersports and car dealership and, if I had to guess, I would say we have had 50 plus jump starters of all kinds and sizes. They all promised to be the best, but we always had issues with low power, not holding charge, cables too chintzy…

But we then found the JNC660, which I have used for over 4 years until it finally broke down. I thought, “This is fair, I will just buy another one.” But then I remembered getting a repair coupon with the unit when we bought it, so I dug out of my paperwork.
The coupon said it required a receipt, which I no
longer had, so I thought I was out of luck.

But I decided to call and spoke to Andy. He said not
to worry about the receipt and just send it in with the coupon and made us feel like a valued customer,

Thanks for a great product and repair policy! 

Galion, OH

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  1. Great product mine has been going strong but my unit did not come with a repair service coupon I purchased my unit from Amazon. I purchased Aug 28, 2021 and I have the lime color love that color

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