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We get a lot of feedback from our customers. Most of that feedback can be grouped into 6-10 general threads and much of it follows along similar themes related to our various brands and products. A common theme related to Booster PAC products is that it solves problems. This is true whether the commenter is a professional or a consumer, whether they are new to Booster PAC or they’ve been using the products for years. Below are a few examples of recent emails we received related to our Booster PAC products.

“Manager at an Auto shop in Moab, Utah. We have always used SOLAR products (ES2500 and ES5000). We have one that lasted for 7 years of hard use. Tried to save money once and got a cheaper product. It lasted only about 6-7 months and took a crap. Right back to SOLAR and never again will I waste money on an inferior product.”

Moab, Utah

“Everybody knows time is money. With the Booster PAC, we save all the time and money and everything starts running. Floor scrapper, mold lifter, scissor lift, etc. Awesome. People ask how Booster PAC makes everything work at once. Seeing is believing. If you want to save time, get one for yourself and help others.”

Fontana, CA

“Hello. I do a lot of car buying and trading. Well, you know how frustrating it is when trying to start a vehicle and it won’t start. Switching batteries, boosting them off and still not a good connection to start. I bought a SOLAR Booster PAC ES5000 and solved a lot of problems for myself. It is a great product and very compact to store anywhere. Thanks :-)”

Bristol, TN

“I bought the ES2500 yesterday at NAPA Auto Parts. Then, when I got home, my riding mower wouldn’t start. I used my old battery charger, which then overheated and would not start my mower. I used my ES2500 and it started immediately. I am happy with my purchase already!”

Killeen, TX










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    1. Jesse-
      What issue are you having? The Booster PAC doesn’t have a serial number so you can skip that field. If that’s what your issue is.

      Clore Automotive

  1. Hi, I have an old booster pac es2500. There is no charging port for it. There is a cigarette port though but I have no idea how to charge it. Please advise.

    1. Hello – Thanks for your question. For the unit to not have a charging port, it is over 25 years old. In this case, charging is done through the 12V outlet. We have a unit designed for this use. It is model ESA401 and can be purchased from our website here: Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

    1. Ann – We are sorry that you are have an issue. I suggest that you call our Tech line at [800] 328 2921, option 2. They should be able to help diagnose the issue. Thanks, Jim from CLore Automotive

  2. I recently got a booster pac es 5000 that was not working. Had no lights etc when charging, cked 12.6 volts with tester. i didnt have a load tester so i purchased a new battery. have a new charger that i purchased on amazon. there were no lights on when charger was charging. so i purchased a new circuit board as suggested. I installed the new board ( 866=970-666) . Now when its charging the yellow and all 3 red lites are flashing as if its pulse charging? is this normal. The board that was in it was # 865-970-000f. Thx for any help. Dane Clark

    1. Dane – Thanks for your question. It sounds like this unit needs some troubleshooting. I suggest calling our Tech Line at [800] 328 2921, option #2. Our Tech team would be able to assist you. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  3. I picked up a ES2500 with no charger. I bought a wall charger and when I plug it in the pack all the lights light up. The charge complete light is dim. The battery reads 6.58 volts.

    1. Bernie – Thanks for your inquiry. I suggest calling our Tech help line at [800] 328 2921, option #2. This will be the best way to troubleshoot your ES2500. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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