Booster PAC Goes to Extremes!

Cole Cook Action 2

“I’ve always used Booster PAC jump packs in my family business, my diesel business, and even have 2 on the farm. I recently updated one of my booster packs because of age, and I got the ES5000. Little did I know I was buying the most bad a$$ jump pack I was ever gonna own.

I knew it would have no problem starting cars, but on the way home from buying it, I got a call about a Volvo EC220DL excavator not starting. I had concluded the batteries were just too weak. So, with really no other options, I used the ES5000.

Well, it blew me out of the water when it cranked the engine over and it fired up! Also, it’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside! I’m a customer for life.”

Bridgeville, DE







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