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The Ultimate HD Battery Service Tool


The PRO-LOGIX PL6800 delivers a maximum charging current of 100 amps, to quickly and effectively service the multi-battery packs found in heavy duty over-the-road vehicles, heavy equipment and agricultural implements. It also features 0-100A, on demand, power supply function to provide an optimal environment for module reflashing.

Model No. PL6800 provides full service battery charging capability from 10A-100A output, to service everything from small vehicle batteries to Group 31 batteries. Its high output 100A mode is perfect for charging the 4-battery and 8-battery packs found in heavy duty vehicles and heavy equipment. It utilizes advanced microprocessor-controlled logic to precisely deliver a fully automatic charging routine designed to optimally charge and maintain each battery or battery pack serviced. It features the ability to properly charge a wide variety of lead acid battery types, including Conventional, AGM, Spiral Wound, Start-Stop, Deep Cycle and Marine batteries – for virtually any lead acid battery type installed in a vehicle, the PL6800 can deliver a proper, beneficial charge.

In power supply mode, the PL6800 provides power to maintain vehicle electrical system voltage at a preset level, increasing its output in response to system load increases to maintain a stable power environment for successful vehicle reprogramming. It features a voltage output range of 13.1-14.9V, adjustable in 0.1V increments. allowing the operator to dial the output in exactly as specified by the supplier of the vehicle under service. It features fast load responsiveness for ultra-quick recovery from system demand increases. It also delivers its massive power with minimal voltage ripple (<100mV), providing a clean flow of power to the vehicle without risk of programming interference.


The PL6800 features extra-long 13’ cable leads, enabling it to reach the starting points of any vehicle, PowerJawTM clamps with angled jaws for improved access to recessed battery packs and a small footprint for compact installation within a diagnostic work station. Its leads are detachable via welding connectors, allowing easy field replacement in the event of damage. The unit features a 1-Year Limited Warranty and is repairable via our North American Service Network.

If you are providing service to a captive fleet or running a HD service shop, the PL6800 should be on your radar.





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