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Classic Car or Road Trip Rescuer – JNC660 Does it All

Grady Story 2023-11

“I bought a JNC660 because my ‘54 Chevy Bel Air would not crank over when it was hot. It has a 350 engine with about 400 HP. I used it a couple of times. I replaced the ground cables with 1/0 cables. Now it starts well. 

Then, we were loaded up to go on a 900 mile trip and the van would not start. We jump started it with the JNC660 and drove all day. The next morning, the van wouldn’t start again, so we jump started it again. We drove to our destination. Then we got a new battery. 

I also jumped a guy’s truck on the way. I am really glad I bought it. Thank You.”

Roanoke, TX

2 Responses

  1. AAA uses them on road calls for jump starts so I bought one. If that’s what they use they must be pretty good. I bought one right away after that, you’re right, they do it all and are good for multiple jump starts!

    1. Charlie – Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear your JNC is serving you well. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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