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Convenient Commercial Grade Jump Starter


Model No. 2001, from SOLAR, is a 12 Volt roll-around commercial jump starter.  Versatile and convenient, this unit provides endless jumps for auto dealerships, auction houses, fleet operations, implement dealerships and other starting environments with high vehicle counts and stubborn starting situations.

The 2001’s power is delivered from a user-installed Group 31 battery (not included).  It features retractable input and output cable to save space and provide easy cable management. It incorporates 5-foot jumper cable leads, enabling access to the starting points on vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  Large pneumatic wheels and a small footprint allow this unit to be easily maneuvered on all types of terrain and in all shop environments.

The 2001 features a rugged, impact-resistant case and industrial-grade construction designed to stand up to everyday use in even the harshest of conditions.  Its EZ View™ Control Panel makes monitoring service progress quick and easy, featuring large gauges that are viewed from a distance during service. It also features a 7-amp automatic battery charger for quick and easy recharging of the onboard battery.

Starting Power Where and When You Need It – By SOLAR

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