ES5000 Comes Through in Cold Canadian Winters


“I went in to a gas station to fill up. While doing so, I left my driver door open and in the time it took me to fill the tank of my truck and go in and pay, my battery had somehow discharged from the drain of the interior lights being on. I was dead in the water at the pumps and blocking others. I had cables and was just asking some one to bum a boost when a guy next ES5000-Underhood1-225x225 to me offered to use his ES5000 Booster PAC. I told him I had poor luck with similar products before, as they did not have enough power to handle my half ton. He told me I would be pleased, and with a quick connection to my battery and turn of the key, I was back running.

“I was so pleased, I bought one the next day and love it. Easy to use with lots of power when I need it in our cold Canadian winters. I strongly recommend this to anyone. Great peace of mind to know you have this to back you up when needed and to be able to help others, too.”

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

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