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Happy Jump Starter Customers


We receive a lot of feedback from customers, including both professional and consumer products users. We love to hear from you, whether it is to praise a product or to provide suggestions on things we can do better. It drives us to get better every day and to strive to deliver the best products in the market. A consistent theme among the feedback we receive is customer satisfaction (sometimes even delight!) with the jump starter purchases they have made. This month, we delve into the email bag to highlight just a few recent examples.



“I bought this unit on the advice of my local auto parts store. I was looking for a jump box a little less expensive, but after buying this one, it is simply fantastic. Very high quality. Do not skimp on buying a jump box unit. When you need it, it is on standby and ready to assist when needed. The ES2500 has helped me and friends when in a pinch. Don’t stretch jumper cables – buy a Booster PAC ES2500 and you will be glad you did.”

Steve from Texas




“The [Booster PAC] ES5000 is an awesome Booster Pack, an alternate Emergency Power. I always carry it with me when I go out of town, because I know it is very reliable when I need it. A must-have Booster Pack for all travelers, no exception. Cheers!”

Jimmy from British Columbia






“My 1978 truck had a short with the horn which drained the battery. It would not turn over. I hooked my [Jump-N-Carry] JNC770R to the battery and it turned it over and started as if I had a new battery installed. Three days later, battery dead again. Hooked my JNC770R to the battery again it started again with no problem. I had not recharged the jumper as the book tells you to after each use. Great jumper. Very happy and satisfied.”

William from Virginia







“I’ve been a professional mechanic for 5 years and have not spent 1 day without using at least one of your products, from battery testers to jump boxes. They are great. Today, I received my new JNC770 and could not be more pleased.”

Alex from New York







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