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Immobilizer End Run


This month’s resource piece provides some excellent information when you’re faced with a difficult vehicle that requires a key relearn but communications or other errors are preventing you from programming new keys. In the quick but informative case study on Diagnostic Network, Kevin from Manitoba walks readers through the steps he used to reprogram new keys on a Pontiac despite the vehicle giving him a E9033 error and a serious desire to avoid spending hours on the phone with GM. This could really make life easier for techs facing the same or similar issues. Of course, it requires some specialized equipment, but the process allowed him to quickly resolve an issue that could have taken much longer. Read the case study here:

To see the original post at, click on the above screen shot or click here. To access complete forum posts or participate in the discussion requires a membership to the site. There are several membership options available, about which you can learn more here.

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