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“About 15 years ago, my car’s battery was constantly dying on me. I couldn’t trust it anymore, so I wanted to buy a “jump starter” to carry in the car with me, as I didn’t know whether the car would start or not when I got back to it. 

I went to different auto parts stores and was “wow’ed” by the display of jump starters. Some had radios. Some had lights. All different frills, bells, and whistles that one could want or need. I gave in to the temptation and bought one. All the frills worked great until the time came when I had to jump start my car. Well, as you may have guessed, everything worked great EXCEPT the part that started the car. I gave up on that. 

I went back to the auto parts store. Seduced by yet a different model with even more bells and whistles, I proudly left with yet another fancy jump starter with things that I didn’t need to use. Well, once again, all worked great except the time I needed it to… It wouldn’t jump start my large engine. 

I gave up on those and the next time I couldn’t start my Chevy Bel Air 454 engine, I called AAA auto club for a jump. They came with a jump starter which kicked my 454 right over and started it. I took note of the jump starter they used and noted it was a JNC. Being a scoutmaster, one of the events that we used to do was cook meals for a local car club show and this particular year, Snap-on tools had a display there. I got to talking with the auto parts salesman at the display and I mentioned the issues I had with looking for a jump starter that worked. He showed me what they offered which was a JNCAIR and told me I could buy it from Clore. 

I thought back to the recent time AAA gave me a jump start and remembered they used a JNC also. I went home and promptly bought the JNCAIR online and never looked back. I carry it all the time in my car. It has jumped my cars and a myriad of other drivers who needed a jump near where I was parked, whether in a shopping center, food store, or a mall, or even a friend’s house where you could not pull a car close enough to jump it.

The JNCAIR has helped me numerous times, both as an individual and as a scoutmaster, helping others on a camping trip when their batteries died overnight because they left the lights on or some other reason. Recently, my JNC finally wouldn’t charge anymore so I bought another JNCAIR and sent mine back for repair [via coupon]. They ended up replacing my non-working unit with a brand new one, and I gave my new one to my son for his car. He and I both love it and have never even looked at another brand. It works the first time, every time. Clore, I love you!!!”

Syosset, NY

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  1. Reid,

    Your story sounds similar to mine. I found out about JNC jump packs when a AAA tow truck had to come to my rescue when my battery died on my RAM truck. I asked to look at the jump starter he was using. a week later, I purchased the JNC770.

    The folks at Clore Automotive are very great professionals in answering all your questions.

  2. I have had 4 clore battery jumpers I bought one with a light on it and it took a dump the light would not shut off . Didn’t know if I needed a light it just came with one . I sent it back on and they fixed it they shut light off so it would never come back on again .

    1. Andy – thanks for your comment. We are glad we were able to get your unit resolved. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  3. The JNC jump pacs are well made but use lead acid technology which is proven technology but bulky. The tow truck drivers I know have all switched to the much more compact Lithium battery technology which will fit into the glove compartment of your daily driver rather than the trunk. Either type can be a life saver.

    1. John – Thanks for your comment. For sure, there are cases to be made for lead acid units and lithium units. We agree that the small size and light weight of the lithium units are very handy. Our JNC325 and JNC345 models are very powerful, yet easy to transport due to each being well under 10 pounds. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  4. I have a light duty Road Side Assistance Company. 30 Minutes or Less of Arkansas Roadside.
    I went through all kinds of jump boxes. They would work only if either I let them sit on the car for ever minutes or not at all. and I would loose that call. Money down the drain.
    I own 3 of them now. THEY CAN START ANYTHING and QUICK. I HAVE EVEN STARTED SEMI TRUCKS WITH THEM. (I own the JNC660 AND 2 OF THE J770.) One JNC 660 I used my $86 COUPON.
    to get a new one. (no questions asked) You don’t have to be a genius to use them. If you happen to be half-awake and put them on wrong. (lol) They scream at you. Thank you CLORE AUTOMOTIVE. I am a very satisfied user.

    1. 30 Minutes – Thanks for your comments. We appreciate your support of our JNC products. We are glad that the units have performed well for you (that’s our plan, but it’s great to hear it from the field). Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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