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Intelligent Battery Management


The SOLAR PRO-LOGIX 20 Amp Automatic Battery Charger / Maintainer, Model No. PL2320, utilizes microprocessor controls to deliver advanced battery management to your charging requirements.

It will enter a Soft Start Mode if the battery is severely depleted or a Recondition Mode if it is sulfated, all automatically, with no intervention on the part of the operator. It features Temperature Compensation to adjust its charging routine based on ambient temperature, which can drastically affect how a battery accepts a charge. 

Two Tools in One, the PL2320 also has an Enhanced Maintenance Mode, making it an ideal unit for extended storage charging of seasonal vehicles, such as powersport vehicles, personal watercraft and vintage cars. Its Enhanced Maintenance Mode automatically commences upon charge completion, keeping your battery in an optimal state until you are ready to put it into service.

The charger is also offered as a 10 Amp Model.
Click here to read about the PL2310.

The PRO-LOGIX PL2320… Not Just Smart – Intelligent.

Charge Smart, Charge Safe, with SOLAR.

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