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VIPER AF3400 Earns Honors for Going Green


In previous years (before I started working here the FIRST time), the Lead Mechanic thought if 50/50 green antifreeze was good, then straight 100% would stop any rust/scale build up in the cooling system completely. Now, I have started working here a second time AS the Lead Mechanic. Due to changing times, going GREENER (not antifreeze), new model school buses are equipped with Extended Life Coolant. I was approached by my supervisor with the question of converting all equipment to the ELC and what did we need to do it?

I looked at probably just about all the different ways to pull out all that old antifreeze, flush the systems, check the systems, and reservice. That led to the VIPER AF3400. It seemed easy to operate (and it is). It would flush/reverse flush the systems. It will also leak check with vacuum or fill and pressurize. This unit seemed to do everything we needed (and it does). One big plus is with the larger systems (school buses) it is capable of emptying the processing tank through the filtration system right into a 55 gallon drum.

So long story short, the VIPER AF3400 works. It has no problem handling the straight 100% green antifreeze. It allows us to recover, check, reservice from the new tank with ELC, and recycle the old. Plus the new tank can be filled from the new drum of coolant with the machine, no mess pouring from bucket to machine, pumping into the machine, etc. The VIPER AF3400 is an excellent machine for us. Thank You.

The Tech Support people were excellent also (there was no problem with the machine just the operator).

Once again, Thank You. Gary K. Saxon, California

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