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JNC Beats the Canadian Cold!

Peter Story image 2022-06

Is there any way I can join and share my story of how awesome Clore JNC jump starters are? They have saved my bacon on numerous occasions and, when my Motomaster Eliminator boost pack quit on me less than a year later, it was a no brainer which one I was going to buy.

I did not buy at first as I could not find a supplier, which is why I went with the Motomaster Eliminator from Canadian Tire. I just received my JNC660 and I know what to expect as this is the best boost pack on the market, I am now ready for winter and know every vehicle in my fleet, if they are not starting, I will have them going quickly with this unit.

Winnipeg, MB

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  1. My god, I do not take a good picture, LOL, the unit is working great and has also built up my left arm strength from toting around. Definitely a bonus feature.
    A work out on the go!

    1. Peter – Thanks for your comment. Your picture is great! Glad the unit is working well and that it’s providing a good workout. We appreciate you sharing your story. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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