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“After flogging one of your JNC660s daily at a used car lot, I bought one for my personal shop in 2014. They’re an industry classic for good reason. I use it without a car battery to move vehicles around the yard, for component testing, to charge my phone and notebook PC during power outages (via a fast USB charger plugged into the power point) and of course as a jump pack for my personal truck, motorcycle and other engines. I take it truck camping at swap meets to run LED lights. 


I prefer the JNC660 because it is elegantly simple, without excessive components to break or increase resistance (I’m a retired USAF avionics tech). It starts Harley big twins without fuss and they’re particularly hard on batteries. It’s more than paid for itself by replacing my riding mower battery since 2014 and, if I didn’t use it so frequently elsewhere, I’d have made a mount to store it on the mower.


An important detail is the male charging plug because it doesn’t fold (and fail early ….) like some other chargers. Another bonus for professional use is not having a (pointless in that application) on-off switch. The JNC660 is a serious tool and my usual recommendation to anyone wanting a durable, reliable jump pack to serve them for years.

That’s not to deride other 
Clore packs (their power switches may better suit owners who leave them loose in trunks, etc.) but please keep making the JNC660, as it fits its niche perfectly and is handy around any shop or home. If this one ever manages to die, I’ll immediately order another.

Mark – Sumter, SC

Ed. Note: Here’s Mark’s comment (which we love) about the photo he sent in:


Here’s a picture with example accessories (selfies are boring but tech is cool) in my military pack, which fits the JNC660 almost perfectly. I tuck the cables into the center pocket in opposing directions so the clips never touch and have room for small tools elsewhere. In the field (salvage yards, etc.), I clip to the straps or fabric for faster access. The flat JNC660 carries easily in dirt cheap, rugged milsurp packs, leaving your hands free to carry other equipment. Pack shown pulled open to display the JNC660, but you could pose a similar setup with prettier gear and flaps tucked neatly. Splitter and phone charger (I prefer those with digital voltage displays) keeps my phone and tablet charged during outages and charges cheap rechargeable LED headlamps I love for task lighting. I consider all my equipment as a system, since I’m lazy and it saves considerable effort. 

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  1. My hobby since 1980 has been stopping for and assisting broken-down motorists, which I have done at least 2,000 times. Often their problem stems from a weak/old/defective battery or loose battery clamps. For the past five years, I have used my JNC660 jumper battery at least 50 times to jump-start engines with dead batteries. My JNC660, with its 1700 peak amps and 12 volts, easily outperforms other jumper batteries. I recommend it 100 percent.

    1. Walt – Thanks for your comment. It is great that you assist so many people in a time of distress for them. We are happy that your JNC660 has proven to be a dependable assistant in your efforts. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

  2. Just purchased our first Class A Diesel (8.3L) motorhome. Parked it in front of our house for 3 days without using the battery disconnect switch and it was dead. Easily jumped with mu F-150, but….!

    What would I do if we were on the road and away from folks that could jump us? Looks like these Clore JNC’s are highly recommended but the question is which one for us?

    Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC770R 1700 Peak Amp Premium 12 Volt Jump Starter – Red?

    Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter , Blue?

    Another model?

    Any guidance (like what is the difference between the two I have listed above) would be appreciated.

    1. Eugene – Thanks for your question. The JNC660 and JNC770 provide the same amount of power, since the contain the same battery. For larger diesels, we strongly recommend moving up to the JNC950, with its high capacity battery. It is ideal for the higher starting demands and longer cranking cycle of the diesel start. Here’s a recent product spotlight we did on the JNC950: https://cloreautomotive.com/the-perfect-marine-starter/. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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