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JNC660 – Quality and Dependability


My story isn’t about starting the neighbor’s D-10 Caterpillar dozer. Mine is more about quality and dependability. I bought a JNC660 a few years ago, after using a bargain brand jumper for a short period of time – in less than 6 months of very light use, it failed to take and hold a charge. I went a little overboard on the next jumper and bought one that promised to do everything but wax the car when I was done using it. It lasted a little more than a year. JNC660a

I did some homework on the next purchase and bought the JNC660. I’ve used it to start everything from my Powerstroke to the neighbor’s very dead tractor and it still looks and functions as good as the day I took delivery. It’s overbuilt and simple to use. Two things that are very important to me. Thanks Clore!

Scott Widder
Orville, OH

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