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JNC660 Starts Every Dead Car in the Train Station


“It was a rainy February day and a bunch of people were entering the Amtrak parking lot including yours truly. Now in California, as well as in most states, you must have your headlamps on in inclement weather. Most newer vehicles come with auto lamp, so during daylight hours, you have to manually turn on your headlights when you want them on, like on rainy days. By happenstance, at the time I and several others were leaving their parked cars to catch a passenger train, a large freight train was passing through, blaring its horn, leaving most of us deaf to the sound of our headlamps on warning chimes, as we locked our cars up.

About 8 hours later, upon my return, not only was my vehicle’s battery dead, but I would have to say more than a dozen other people’s were as well. Well, I pulled my JNC660 out of my truck and jump started my battery, plus 14 other cars and pickups, and did it in less time than it took the first person in to call and receive help from AAA.JNC660a

Needless to say, whenever I see any of these folks (now friends) on the train or around town, we share the story of my amazing little blue box and how it jumped all those cars and trucks that rainy day and how no one was late getting home thanks to me (and my JNC660). But no one could have been more amazed that day than me – there were all kinds of cars and trucks (4-cylinder, 6-cylinder & 8 cylinder. And, I bet if there had been more, my JNC660 could have jumped them. I’ll never know.”

Merced, CA

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