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LNC Really Shines!

Clore Story-MikeC-2021

“I bought it [LNC1541] a couple years ago. FIRST use was, of all things, changing a sink (bowl) in an upstairs bathroom! Very little metal for the magnet, but with the adjustable “arm/magnet base” it worked out great! Next came a timing belt and water pump job on my Wife’s 06 Kia Sorento V6 where this light really shined!  (no pun intended)

There was other work on the Kia and then my 06 Nissan Frontier V6 with the timing chains, tensioners, water pump and more. Again, the flexibility of the tool made the job much easier. Recharge is simple, lights on the back give “amount” of battery left when using it and, despite my efforts to prevent it, I did drop it on a couple of occasions. The battery quit about 2 weeks ago, I will replace it.

I did buy a larger unit, the LNC1841 which has a brighter light than the smaller one, but its VERY top heavy, needs a larger base as it tends to fall over easily. But it also makes completing the job much easier. Until I got the LNC1541, I was using old incandescent drop lights and other larger brighter lighting. Not good with dark areas in vehicles and being tethered to power cords has its limitations.

I’ve been using the LNC1841 for working on the Kia again, for removing the whole dash/instrument panel, along with the HVAC units in back of the dash for repair work. It sure is great to have the bright light! As I get older (72 now), having both lights is fantastic!

Very much looking forward to having the LNC1541 back working. With both lights on the job, this should be interesting………and hopefully fun!”

Mike C.
Palmdale, CA

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