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Loving the Repair Service Coupon


JNC660a“I purchased 2 JNC660s, one for each of our auto repair shops, from our local tool truck driver. Soon after purchase, one of the mechanics jump started a customer’s car and drove over a brand new JNC660, completely destroying it.

I had stored the receipt in the file cabinet along with the “Repair Service Coupon” that was included with the new unit. I carefully boxed all of the parts up and I used my wife’s seal a meal so there would not be an acid leak, followed the instructions on the form and included a check for $85.00.

To my great surprise, I had a completely new unit in my hands 4 days later. No other company that I know of has a “You break it & we will give you a break policy.” So, I have told this story at least 100 times to other shop owners in the area.

jnc_couponI especially like the 46″ cables that are unique to the unit I purchased that allow me to set the jumper box on the ground and connect the cables instead of having to perform a balancing act and laying the unit over under the hood. We have a saying at Dealer-Alternative, “It can’t fall off of the ground.”

Thanks for being great and offering a fantastic product.

Ft. Worth, TX




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