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Reducing Noise When Capturing Waveforms


iATN_ScopeGrounds_620px In this month’s spotlight, Chris from New Jersey addresses the issue of “noise” in scope capture. In his post, Chris identified some best practices for choosing where to connect to ground for the captures and how the choices you make can impact whether or not you will encounter noise in your capture.

It led to a spirited debate within the iATN community as to how best to ground your scope, whether it be to the battery negative, the alternator, the chassis or to the component ground. Specific instances where each is the best option were cited in the thread. Overall, it was a great discussion.


To see the original post at, click on the above screen shot or click here. To access additional forum posts or participate in the discussion requires a membership with the site. There are several membership options available, about which you can learn more here.

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