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Starting Success on a Bone Chilling Night!


“On a bone chilling January night with a low of -32 degrees C, I got a call request for mutual aid with my tow truck for a pick-up that had broken through the ice. I responded to my yard to get my truck only to find the block heater cord not working (of course, when you need it the most right!). The big truck hadn’t been used all day and its 8.3L diesel engine was a block of ice, but we had an emergency and it HAD to start. I tried once with little more than a few grunts. Uh-Oh!!!!

I carry the Truck PAC ES1224 in my pickup for boosting calls. I hooked it up and preheated the tow truck 3 times. I hit the key, and after a few spins, the truck started. I was really surprised that the ES1224 was able to keep it spinning as well as it did in the bitter cold, but it did its job.

We were able to successfully recover the vehicle and there were no injuries to any of the occupants. I couldn’t be happier with this product and now have 2 Just in Case. ;)“

Fort McMurray, Alberta

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