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The Generosity of Our Customers



One of the things that always amazes us when we read the stories that get sent to us and the posts added to our Facebook wall is the generosity of so many of our customers. Seemingly 1 in 5 stories received have a component of helping others incorporated into them, especially when it comes to stories about our jump starters.

So, this month, we thought we would spotlight just a few examples for the world to see just how much our appreciated customers look out for their fellow man:

“… About 8 hours later, upon my return, not only was my vehicle’s battery dead, but I would have to say more than a dozen other people’s were as well. Well, I pulled my JNC660 out of my truck and jump started my battery as well as 14 other cars and pickups in less time than it took the first person in to call and receive help from AAA…”

– Gary from California


“Driving home one night late, I noticed a 1950s Buick sitting along the side of the road. I stopped and, to my surprise, an older person got out of the car asked for help because her battery was dead. I had my JNC660 with me and got her going. She could not believe I had such a thing like that – that’s her words. She was 87 years old was going to get her grandson from jail. She could not thank me enough.”

– Jan from Missouri


“… I have jumped ATV, boat, cars, ran my winch, and even charged my cell phone at the lake! The latest time that it came in handy was when the contractor for our shop building showed up with a dead battery on his tractor and I got him started. Great unit.”

– Richard from Louisiana


Here’s one from the person who was helped by one of our customers and then purchased a jump starter of his own:

“While watching a grandson’s baseball game from our Honda Pilot during a rain period, the lights were on and the wipers running, but not the engine. Our car would not start after the game ended. By sheer fortune, I asked the gentleman in the car next to me if he had jumper cables. He said that he had a jump starter. His jumper was small, powerful and effective. Our car was started in seconds… Hope I can return the favor by helping someone else.”

– Mark from Pennsylvania

And so many more though the years. Please keep your stories coming. We love to hear how you use our SOLAR, Booster PAC and Jump-N-Carry products to help others. It is easy to become cynical in this world of ours, but not when you read how our customers are always on the lookout for an opportunity to use their jump starter to help other people get on their way. Way to go!

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