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The New Look Model No. 1002 12V 1.5A Underhood Battery Maintainer


We are excited to share the details of our latest generation Model 1002, which has received an updated look and enhanced PRO-LOGIX capabilities. Model 1002 is a vehicle-installed (underhood) charger that is perfect for fleets of all sizes and any other application where the convenience of in-vehicle installation is desired.

Model 1002 combines fully automatic operation and the ability to properly maintain the different batteries found in today’s cars, trucks, SUVs, delivery vehicles, ATVs, tractors, implements and more, including Flooded, AGM, Spiral Wound, Deep Cycle and Marine batteries.

Incorporating proven PRO-LOGIX charging technology, Model 1002 utilizes advanced microprocessor-controlled logic to deliver a fully automatic, precisely controlled 1.5A routine that optimally charges and maintains each battery serviced. It adapts its approach based on the needs of each battery it services. Such adaptations can include activating a soft start mode on deeply discharged batteries, a battery repair mode on older/distressed batteries and temperature compensation to properly manage battery maintenance in extreme temperatures.

Designed for in-vehicle installation, it includes a battery mounting kit and features a sealed, weather-proof case design. With no buttons to press or controls to manage, simply connect an extension cord to its short input cord and the charger does the rest.

Beneficial battery management, ideal for busy fleets and agricultural operations. The new and enhanced 1002.

Charge Smart, Charge Safe

10 Responses

  1. I would like to know how long a vehicle can be left plugged in to the 1002 model. I have a vehicle that we leave at vacation home. Longest plugged in would be 5 to 6 months.
    Thank you

    1. James – Thanks for your question. The 1002 can be left connected indefinitely, without harm to the battery, and will keep it fully charged. That said, we have a more appropriate product for your specific need, which is our PL2140. It is specifically designed to perform the application described. It features an enhanced maintenance mode perfectly suited to long term charging. It also features Recovery Mode, which allows the unit to overcome power outages. You will want to be sure that the RM LED is lit. Here’s a link to the PL2140 on our site: Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

    2. Hi James,

      Is their any version in the 1002 that’s different between years? Are all versions from 2019+ able to charge AGM car batteries?

      Thank you,

      1. Mengtse – Thanks for your question. All recent versions (2019-2022) of the 1002 should be safe for use with an AGM car battery. Recent versions of the 1002 use a charging routine that is safe for all lead acid battery types. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

    1. Kendall – Thanks for your question. If the battery is a 12V lead acid battery, absolutely. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

  2. Hello,
    Is it essential to disconnect the AC power from the 1002 charger before starting the vehicle engine?
    Can charging the vehicle’s alternator damage 1002 charger if both are running simultaneously?
    Thank you,

    1. Ruben – Thanks for your question. For sure, you want to always make sure the charger is disconnected from the vehicle when you start the vehicle (except for those models with a start assist function). For the 1002, and many other models, your unit should not be damaged, under normal circumstances. There are safeties built into PRO-LOGIX chargers such that, when the vehicle starts and alternator current reaches the battery, the unit should throw a fault and power off. Each individual situation is unique, so yours could be outside the norm, but that is what typically happens. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

    1. Kevin – The 1002, like most of our PRO-LOGIX charging products, is designed to operate properly in temperatures down to -30˚C (-23˚F). Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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