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The Value of a Quality Jump Starter


We always say that, when it is needed, a jump starter is worth its weight in gold. Jump starters are never needed when you have a surplus of time to solve your problem – instead, they always seem to get the call at the worst possible time or under the worst possible conditions… far from home, before an important meeting or with four kids in the back of the car. Below is a collection of stories that illustrate the value of having a quality jump starter when you need it.

Out on the Water
“Took off with my boat from my dock in Naples. Right at the get go, my friend Roger said he did not like the way the batteries sounded when the engine started. Went to the gas docks to pump out my waste system. That went OK. What did not go OK was that the boat did not start afterward. Another boater with a good heart and a Jump-N-Carry put me back on track and on my way. Thought about how miserable [I would be] if this happened when I was ten miles out. Long story short, now I have my own Jump-N-Carry and peace of mind.”

Tom – Naples, FL

Texas-Sized QualityTexas_flag_map
“Purchased the ES2500 back in 1998, in Texas, to give me a back-up in case my truck would not start. That thing has lasted all these years and jumped multiple vehicles, to my amazement, without recharging. It just gave out on me this past year. That is when I found that Pep Boys still sold these units and I decided to get the ES5000 this time. I highly recommend these Booster PACs!!”

Roger – Pensacola, FL

Day Trip Saved
JNC660_action-6“A few years ago, my family was going on a day trip that was a one day only affair. It started at 10 a.m. Sunday morning and we needed to be there early, as it would be crowded. We left our house on time and stopped to get gas. Car would not start. We had the Jump-N-Carry JNC660 in our van. My wife wanted to cancel our trip and lose our tickets. I said we could do it with the JNC660. She was worried we would be stuck. With no time to go to an auto part store, buy a new battery and install it, we jump started the car at the gas station and went to our event. We got there on time, with no problems, after an hour drive. When it was time to leave, the battery was dead again. We jump started it again with the JNC660 and went on our way. We stopped on the way back for some food. When we went to leave, the battery was dead again. So we jump it again with the JNC660 and made it home. The JNC660 ended up starting our car four times that day, ‘til I was able to get a new battery. The Jump-N- Carry really saved the day, as we were able to enjoy our day as if nothing happened.”

Mark – Hamden, CT

Ready to GO!
“I had two inferior jump starters that, when needed, were never ready, What’s the point? I have a handicapped brother and sickness in the family, I have to be ready to go. My neighbor is a mechanic and uses the JNC660 for jump starts and leaves it sit. Yet it’s ready again without fail! I decided to invest in the JNC660 for DEPENDABILITY and QUALITY OF PRODUCT. Now, if lights are left on, or battery dies on a cold night, it’s a GO! JNC660 IS PEACE OF MIND. CHEERS, SAM”

Samuel – Edgewood, MD

Bike from the Dead
bike“I purchased this jump starter to try to bring-to-life my 2003 Yamaha FJR1300 sport touring motorcycle after years of neglect. The onboard battery had long expired and registered zero… yes zero volts from destructive plate sulfation over the years. I had no expectation of success given the old battery was completely dead. After filling the tank with some fresh fuel and breaking the injector intake manifold butterfly free with some quick throttle snaps, I hooked-up the battery and prayed. It took a bit of cranking as the injectors had plugged, but eventually it sputtered to life enough that I mixed some injector cleaner in the tank, and the remaining injectors came online and had the bike running in no time. The JNC660 showed no sign of wanting to overheat, and continued its work until it brought my bike back to life again. Worth the money, and I’ll be packin’ it this winter for those jobs which need giving an old battery a boost to start. Thanks guys!”

Charles – Bella Vista, AR

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