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Simple, Effective Battery Maintenance



The CHARGE IT! 4501, a 12 Volt 800 mA Battery Maintainer, is the battery service tool for those who want to keep their battery charged easily and reliably. With no buttons to push or setting to dial in, the 4501 keeps it simple, yet its automatic operation and multi-step approach delivers the energy needed to maintain a battery’s health in extended charging situations.

The 4501 offers multiple output options to enable you to choose the one that works best for your charging situation. It comes with both a clamp set and a ring terminal kit, each on which connect to a pigtail connector on the output side of the unit. Also available is an optional 12V male output connector for those situations where charging through the power port is the best option.

Able to be used safely and effectively on all lead acid battery types, the 4501 features a simple display that indicates whether the battery status is charging, fully charged or there is a charging issue.

Easy, Reliable, Effective Charging… from CHARGE IT!


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