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Who’s Laughing Now?


As an automotive technician, I bought [the JNC300XL] for use at work. I chose it primarily for its size and, as it turns out, the low cost is just a bonus. I have used it a fair amount and have yet to be disappointed. It has always started the vehicle, except some large trucks that were completely dead.

I like that it has the power outlet on the front, which allows it to be used for more than just jump starting. I love that it is compact, so I am able to keep it locked up in my toolbox at work. The cost is extremely reasonable for such a good product.

Several other techs have borrowed it when they couldn’t find the shop’s jump pack (another reason I bought a jump pack, since I could never find the shop’s), and have been surprised that it works so well for being so small. Some have even bought their own now after using mine several times.

Some of them laugh at me or tell me “nice purse” (that is what they call my jump pack) when I need to jump start a car.  But I have no reason to be ashamed, because it works great, and when they ask me to use it, it just proves that it is that good.

I love that is small, lightweight and easy to carry around, unlike larger jump packs. If you are looking for a small, lightweight, affordable, easy to carry, durable, and reliable jump pack, then this is it.

Scott Dykstra
Lansing, IL

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