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Breaking it Down – Vol. 1 Anatomy of a Jump Starter


In this new series, we take a look at what makes a specific product tick. In this case, we look at jump starters and how the specific parts of a jump starter work together to solve problems for technicians and vehicle owners. At Clore Automotive, we manufacture three separate brands of jump starters:  Booster PAC, Jump-N-Carry and CarStart. Each has specific features that differentiate them, but they share an array of components and performance drivers that are common among all jump starters.

The Heart of the Jump Starter

The battery is the most important contributor to jump starter performance. It impacts everything from the jump starter’s max boosting capacity, the number of jumps that can be performed per charge, the amount of time that the jump starter can sit between charges, its ability to withstand abuse and the overall service life of the unit.

Our ES Series (Booster PAC) and Clore PROFORMER (Jump-N-Carry) batteries are specifically developed to perform vehicle jump starting applications. They are designed to deliver exceptional power in a quick, concentrated burst. Numerous factors contribute to the power derived from the battery, including the number of lead plates contained, the physical composition of those lead plates, the specific construction of the battery cells, the purity of the electrolyte solution and more.

In our case, we utilize a high quantity of thin lead plates to increase total lead plate surface area, which increases the power of the battery. In addition, our plates contain few impurities, which can sap power and accelerate depletion of the jump starter between charges. Our battery cell construction features enhanced structure to better flow the power through the battery to the vehicle. The electrolytic paste in our batteries is a high quality composition that enables more efficient recombination for better discharging (jump starting) and recharging. All of these enhancements serve a single purpose: deliver the power you need, even in extreme conditions, over and over again.

Follow the Power Path

So, we’ve invested extensive research and development efforts into the battery itself, but that investment is diminished if we can’t get all of that energy to the vehicle. That’s where the Power Path components come into play. These consist primarily of the output cables and battery clamps.

Output cables must be sufficiently conductive to deliver the battery’s energy without introducing excessive resistance, which would result in a voltage drop, diminishing the jump starter’s capacity to start the vehicle. The more powerful the battery, the greater the requirement on the output cables. Our output cables are specifically mated to the battery capacity of each jump starter to ensure optimal results. They are extremely durable, flexible in cold temperatures and resistant to vehicle fluids and chemicals.

Like the output cables, battery clamps must facilitate an efficient transfer of power from the jump starter to the vehicle. This comes down to two factors: their conductive capability and their ability to create a proper physical connection to the vehicle, be that a battery post (positive cable) or the vehicle chassis (negative cable). Our jump starters feature industrial grade clamps with high tension springs to penetrate battery corrosion.

Many units feature our Hot Jaw clamps, which are wired on both sides of the clamp jaw, for maximum power transmission to the vehicle.

Recharge Convenience

Another aspect of importance comes when it is time to recharge your jump starter. How can this be done? When should it be done? How easy is it to accomplish this task? All of these issues are related and can impact the longevity of your jump starter. Most Clore Automotive jump starters feature automatic charging, which allows the unit to be connected to an AC power source indefinitely, without concern for overcharging the battery.

Designed for Jump Starting

It sounds redundant, but at Clore Automotive, our jump starters are designed for jump starting. There are competitive products around that perform more functions, whether through built-in radios or other ancillary features. Our focus is on repeatable, reliable, lasting power. Hundreds of discussions with professional technicians, tool dealers, counter staff and others have boiled down to one common theme: give me the power I need to get the job done! So, we have invested most in those aspects of the jump starter that support extreme power delivery, as noted above. When it absolutely has to start, you can rest assured that your Clore Automotive jump starter has what it takes to get the job done.

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