5 Ways PRO-LOGIX Makes Charging Easier and More Beneficial

Model No. PL2140
Model No. PL2140

There are many charging products out there, featuring a variety of approaches to charging vehicle batteries, some good and some less good. But, when you compare chargers across multiple dimensions, such as versatility, effectiveness, convenience, longevity and safety, it’s hard to beat PRO-LOGIX.

1. Versatility
PRO-LOGIX battery chargers provide the versatility needed to properly charge the different lead acid batteries found in today’s vehicles. Whether the battery is a traditional Flooded, maintenance free Flooded, Enhanced Flooded, AGM, Spiral Wound, Deep Cycle or Marine battery, PRO-LOGIX can charge it beneficially, restoring reserve capacity and maximizing its useful life. Some models can also charge LiFePO4 Lithium batteries (PL2140) as well as Gel Cell batteries (PL2310, PL2320). In all models, PRO-LOGIX features specific charge routines for each battery type covered, ensuring that every battery serviced gets exactly what it needs.

2. Forced Start Function
One of the biggest issues with smart chargers in general is the fact that many of them will not service a battery with very low or zero volts state of charge. We call this the dead battery conundrum – I bought a charger to help with my problem battery, but my charger won’t work because my battery is totally dead. This is never an issue with PRO-LOGIX. All models feature our Forced Start function. If you confirm that you are properly connected and the only issue is an extremely discharged battery (<1V for most PRO-LOGIX models), you can press and hold the start button down for 3 seconds to force the charger to start charging. It’s that easy.

Model No. PL2320

3. Temperature Compensation
Another significant issue, especially in professional repair operations, is performance in cold temperatures and extreme temperatures in general. All PRO-LOGIX chargers are designed to perform their task down to -30˚C to ensure that they can provide service wherever it is needed. In addition, all PRO-LOGIX charger models feature temperature compensation, adjusting their precise energy delivery based on the temperature of the charging environment. This ensures, again, that each battery charged gets exactly what it needs.

PL4020 Battery Maintenance Station

4. Enhanced Maintenance Mode
One of the many usage scenarios for a charger is to keep a battery in good condition during periods of inactivity, such as on a motorcycle or vintage car during the winter months. There are many approaches to handling this task, but we think PRO-LOGIX does it best. Our portable and multi-bank chargers feature an enhanced maintenance mode that rests the battery after a charge complete state has been reached and later exercises the battery prior to initiating the recharge process. We have found this approach results in enhanced reserve capacity restoration and significantly reduces the chance that the battery could be dried out (electrolyte boiled off) during extended storage charging periods.

5. Safety Features
Finally, we state it over and over, but when it comes to battery service, the discussion should start and end with safety. PRO-LOGIX battery chargers feature a laundry list of features that make charging safer for the operator and the battery/equipment being charged. These include spark-free operation, reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection, shorted cell detection, Soft Start mode, Battery Repair mode and more.

Safe. Smart. Effective.



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