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JNC660 Powers the Porsche


“Hi folks. The JNC660 is the best of the best. When you’re tired of playing around and you decide no more nonsense, the buck stops here. Over the years, learning automotive technology and collecting a few exotic cars, several batteries ran down, especially in the cold weather. Even the SUV or Ram 1500 I had here and there ran down sooner or later. I got tired of calling Roadside Assistance and waiting for them to come out and get me going.

One cold morning, I wrote down the model number of the JNC660 and went in the house and ordered one! I noticed that 9 times out of 10 the guy who would show up to jump my car had one of these, and my local garage has these as well. All these professionals can’t be wrong. So, I bought one too. Hands down, the best of the best on reliability and raw power performance, even in cold weather.

I had to deal with one of the most difficult battery problems in a sports car, maybe for all time, the beloved Porsche 928. The car has electronic issues and parasitic drain issues that were never resolved for the entire time Porsche was manufacturing it. Further, the car requires a marine battery to turn over the 5.0 liter V-8 with twin caps and rotors (basically two 944 engines placed horizontally) and an analog clock that drains the battery, as well as a passive alarm system.

This has got to be the most difficult car of all time as far as battery maintenance. Tried several other jump starters when the battery would run down, and they could barely turn it over, not to mention starting one of these. When I hooked the JNC660 up to the Porsche’s monstrous marine battery, Vvaarroomm! Started RIGHT UP! Not even a 2-minute pause, after connecting, to let it power up a bit.

The JNC660 is durable, of the highest quality available and gives you the power you need exactly when you need it. It is the no-nonsense solution you have been waiting for. I have two Porsche 928s now, one automatic and one 5 speed manual, and without the JNC660, management would be impossible.

This bad boy makes it possible to have a difficult rare exotic sports car and not have to call Roadside Assistance every time you want to take your toy out for a joy ride! See attached picture of the 928 I jump with the JNC660!
Great job guys, on the design and engineering, thanks a million!”

Great Neck, NY

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