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Your Best Friend on a Trip


“We have a cabin in the North Georgia mountains and spend much of our summers there. As such, it is about a 480 mile trip up I-75 to get there, right through busy Atlanta.

My 2011 Jeep Cherokee still had its original battery, which is under the passenger seat and a bit difficult to get at. Not wanting to have any battery issues on our last trip, I started carrying my jump starter wherever I went. While at the cabin, back in the woods, I got the feeling that it might be time to have it checked.

JNC300XL Jump Starter provides 900 peak Amps of Starting Power.

I took it to the Blairsville, GA O’Reilly’s Auto Parts on a rainy Friday afternoon and they hooked it up to a tester. Said it was reading low but they didn’t have this special type battery at that location. It had to be brought in from another store about 40 miles away but it could still be done that day. I just had to come back about 3 hours later.

I went out, got in the car and it wouldn’t crank at all. I went back inside to tell the salesman to emphasize that they get the new one, as we had a trip planned for Saturday morning. He said they didn’t have a jumper around to help, but I told him I was carrying my JNC300XL. Fortunately, Jeeps have battery connection lugs under the hood, so it was a simple matter of hooking up the JNC300XL. I was able to leave and come back once the new battery got there.

As a side note, I originally bought this unit to carry with me in my recently restored 1967 Austin Healey, since it seems to have battery issues & I didn’t want to get stuck somewhere with a battery problem. Good thing I took it to the cabin on our last trip!!”

Dunnellon, FL

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