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Booster PAC Beetle


“I have an old VW beetle, 1965. I have had it at an Uncle’s house since November 2016. Today is June 2017. He needed the VW removed from his house to do a repair, so he called me to remove the VW.

When I tried to crank it, the battery was completely dead. 1.75 volts. I went to Pep Boys and asked for the absolute best booster pack to crank the VW. They recommended the ES5000. I bought it and went back to my Uncle’s. I found that the Booster PAC’s LEDs showed a partial charge. I went ahead and give it a try anyway.

It cranked the VW as if the battery was fully charged. I had to crank several times, since the carburetors were empty. I have dual Dellortos on a 2 liter engine. Car started and still the Booster PAC’s LEDs showed the same charge. It was a really good recommendation from Pep Boys on this booster pack.”

Follow-up note:

“Well, I had to fix the brakes on the VW, so there is no money left. Battery completely done. No problem – I am using the Booster PAC on the VW.”

Juncos, Puerto Rico

Editor’s Note: We do not recommend using your Booster PAC as a permanent battery solution for your vehicle. It is undersized compared to a typical automotive battery and could potentially be damaged by the high charging rates typically delivered by vehicles alternators. That said, it is good to know Richard’s Booster PAC is servicing him well and his story was too great not to share.

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