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Booster PAC Makes the Mustang Sing

Todd Momberg-2

“I purchased a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 with a high performance 408 stroker motor about 4 years ago. The battery is mounted in the trunk. At the time of the purchase, the owner didn’t understand why there wasn’t enough cranking power, drawing the battery dead. He recommended the ES5000 Booster PAC.

I had the electrical system tested at a local Auto Parts Store, which indicated everything to be a-ok. So, I purchased an ES5000 until I could figure out what was going on myself. I used the Booster PAC many times, which gave me the confidence that I needed to enjoy my days of cruising and car shows, eliminating the worry about cranking the engine over until I had time to fix the problem.

Years later, my everyday truck popped up with an issue. Woke up in the morning to go to work and the battery was dead. Using the ES5000, I quickly jumped the truck and made it to work on time, keeping my attendance record clean. After work, I had the electrical system checked at a local Auto Parts store. Again, everything a-ok.

Two days later, dead battery. Again, the ES5000 got me off to work on time. Having the ES5000 Booster PAC has completely eliminated any worries of running into a dead battery.

Bring em on, anytime.”

Malone, WI

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