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Clore Jump Starters Save the Day


We regularly receive stories from happy customers whose Booster PAC or Jump-N-Carry jump starter has saved the day for the them or others. People like Gene below, for whom owning a reliable jump starter provided the convenience of not having to depend on the arrival of a tow truck to get their day back on track.


Booster PAC



Working here at a casino, we are always called upon to  jump start a car, unlock a vehicle, even air up tires. Some times we get 60 degrees below and a lot of snow. These units are quite useful. Especially when there are no outlets in the lot. We don’t have to carry out an extension cord. It’s always a privilege to be able to assist our customers and get them home.

Cass Lake, MN





Although I receive free roadside assistance from my car insurance company, I get tired of waiting several hours for the mechanic to show up just to charge a dead battery. Most of the time, they get the address wrong or I see them go zipping past me without stopping. This last occurrence was the last straw, so I decided to buy a Clore jump starter. Thank you Clore for making such a financially accessible and reliable product!

Brooklyn, NY





I have been very fortunate in not having to use the JNC660 on any of my vehicles, but have been able to help others start their car. On a recent cold rainy day while at a local shopping center, I saw a truck with the hood up near my parking spot… asked if he needed help and he said the battery was dead. I told him I had a jumper battery and would help him… he immediately said yes… truck started instantly.

Last fall, a service truck from a utility company was up the street with the hood opened… same problem and same success with the JNC660. Hopefully, I won’t need the JNC660 on my vehicles, but in case I do, there is one in my car and also one in my wife’s… and in the meantime, they are available to help others when needed.

Ballwin, MO


Great stories, which we really appreciate receiving. We are amazed at the generosity and kindheartedness of the users of our products. We constantly hear about how, with the use of their jump starter, they help others who are in a pinch. That’s awesome.





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