Economical Carbon Pile Testing



SOLAR Carbon Pile Battery Tester Model 1874 delivers accurate, reliable variable load testing of 12 Volt batteries to 1000 CCA for busy dealerships, repair shops and fleet service environments, all in an economical package. Its smooth, precise load control makes it easy to manage the testing process.

The 1874 allows quick, conclusive assessment of batteries to 1000 CCA using its variable load delivery, which ranges to 500 amps. Simply connect to the battery to be tested, load it to half its rated CCA and hold the load for 15 seconds, observing the battery’s voltage. It’s that simple. And, with two large, color-coded gauges, one for voltage and one for amperage, it is easy to apply the correct load and observe the results.

Fast, Effective Diagnosis… with SOLAR.

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