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Endorsed by the Neighbor!


“What a terrible weekend we had closing up our mountain cabin for the winter!!! First, the batteries on my electric mobility scooter that we had left at the cabin were near dead and we were unable to load it into the truck. We also discovered that the truck battery was dead!!!

Thankfully, my neighbor had a Jump-N-Carry JNC660, and we were able to start the truck and drive the scooter up the ramp into the bed. Then, we went down to the marina to pull out the pontoon boat and… you guessed it… the six month old boat battery was dead also. Back to my neighbors to borrow the JNC660 jumper again !!!

So, guess what I did when I got home? That’s right… I sat down at my computer and ordered a new JNC660 for myself. Never to be stuck with dead batteries again and hopefully will be able to help some other folks the way my neighbor helped us.”

Reno, NV

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