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ES5000 Saves a Race Day!

Blue Race Car

“New Jersey Motorsports Park, SCCA race weekend, temperature in the nineties and high humidity. Miserable hot day. On Sunday, racing was over and I was loading up my Formula F and gear into my trailer. I use my ES5000 to winch my car up and also use it for any emergencies. 

I noticed some arguing and frustrated people around a big diesel motor home a couple of spots over. I was too hot and just wanted to get loaded up and on my way. I’m in my sixties. All of a sudden, a young teenage girl approached me all by herself. She asked if I knew anything about motor homes and could I help her dad. She did this on her own – the men in her group were too busy arguing. They were not racers. They were spectators. It was apparent that they were not mechanically inclined.

I said I’d try and walked over. They had no battery power and couldn’t get started. I grabbed my Booster PAC and returned. They said, “That won’t work. We have a bigger one than that and we tried it.” I looked and it was one of those cheap jumpers with lights and a compressor and this and that –it looked like a transformer toy. Maybe 400-500 amps. I said, “Let’s try anyway.”  

Well, the motor home fired right up. I disconnected and started back to my trailer. No thank you from the men in the group, but I think they learned something. Then, I felt a tug on my sleeve and the teenage girl just looked at me and gave me a wink. Made my day.

And I’m sure she’ll never get credit for saving their bacon. But she did – on her own.”

Hammonton, NJ

Editor’s note:  The story Bill relayed was from an experience he had several years ago. He has since upgraded his ES5000 to a JNCAIR, as seen in the photo he provided.

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