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Flood Lights that Work as Long as You Do


We are happy to introduce our new line of Light-N-Carry A/F/S (area/flood/site) lights, which includes two models that feature a removable battery and include two batteries per unit, Model Nos. LNC2251 (1500lm) and LNC2551 (4000lm). With two batteries included, each model can run the full length of a work day. Light-N-Carry rechargeable A/F/S lights are great for the tech that needs a light that is reliable, tough and powerful.

Both models come equipped with two removable batteries, which adds convenience and more than doubles your effective working time. Similar to a power tool configuration, this allows the operator to have one battery in use and one battery on charge at any given time. Plus, each battery also serves as a power supply, with a 1A USB outlet to charge small electronic devices.

Both models utilize CITILED COB light engines from CITIZEN for high intensity illumination, ideal color temperature, long service life and low energy consumption. With our advanced COB technology, work spaces are illuminated efficiently, hard edges are eliminated and run times are expanded. Both models feature IP64 dust/water ingress protection and feature a magnet swivel arm with magnet mounting to allow ideal positioning in the work area. Each light comes with a service repair coupon, good for a one-time, fixed-fee repair after the warranty periods has expired.

Model LNC2551 is a 4000 max lumen rechargeable COB LED A/F/S light. It features three intensity modes (4000/1500/1000lm). Model LNC2251 is a 1500 max lumen rechargeable COB LED A/F/S light. It features three intensity modes (1500/1000/500lm). Both lights feature 4 hour run time in 1500lm output mode and a LED status display to show remaining battery life.

Portable, Powerful, Versatile – Light-N-Carry.

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  1. Hi, This is a very Impressive and also very informative post. Flood lights bring a whole new level of ambiance to outdoor spaces. So glad I installed them in my backyard.

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